"Hello Maroon Tiger" Book

“Hello, Maroon Tiger!" has come to you
For you to realize that dreams come true
Do your homework and study in school
Because the Maroon Tiger is waiting for you
Listen to your teachers and parents too
These are things Maroon Tiger wants from you
So when you get older you can join him too
Going to college to make your dreams come true.

Hello, Maroon Tiger!

The buzz is out about Earl Anthony Cooper, a 2011 graduate of the historic Morehouse College. He wrote the children’s book entitled “Hello, Maroon Tiger!” The maroon tiger is the first historically black college mascot to have his own story book. This fun story is becoming a collector’s item.​

Walk with the maroon tiger as he takes children on an exciting journey through the Morehouse College experience. Travel with him as he follows thousands of Morehouse legends’ foot prints throughout the campus. These are the same paths Morehouse alumni Martin L. King, Jr., Maynard Jackson, Edwin Moses, Spike Lee and Earl Anthony Cooper himself took to go to class. ​

This beautifully illustrated full-color, hardcover children's book is a great addition to all libraries. It starts the conversation about college in the crib. It’s the perfect graduation, Father’s Day, birthday gift or way to plant a seed in a young child’s life about college. Earl Anthony Cooper believes in the 3 C’s “The Conversation About College in the Crib” and he wants all children to “Dream big because dreams do come true.” It was Earl Anthony’s dream to write about his experience at Morehouse College and he feels blessed that he and illustrator Chase McKesson (Morehouse Class of 2013) could do it in a way to introduce the school to upcoming generations.

HBCU Alum Releases New Children’s Book: Baby Bison’s First Homecoming

Washington (February 3, 2014) – On January 15, 2013, Morehouse Alumni Earl A. Cooper released Baby Bison’s First Homecoming, which tells the story of Homecoming Day at Howard University through the eyes of the school mascot’s young son, Baby Bison.

Written by Cooper and illustrated by Zantoine Truluck, the book is the third installment in a series of children’s books about Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). The books give parents, teachers and individuals s a way to start the conversation about college with children at an early age and educate them on the rich history and legacy of HBCUs. ​

“This book about Howard University, and the book about other HBCUs should be a part of elementary school and community library picture book collections for young children,” said one school official Cooper is also the author of Hello, Maroon Tiger!, which introduces young readers to Morehouse College. I Love My SSU, written by his colleague Desmond Delk is about Savannah State University. Cooper is excited about expanding HBCU Kids Read with additional titles about HBCUs for young readers.

Hello, Maroon Tiger! Book

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